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Howdy there! Glad you could stop in.  Hopefully there is an awesome cup of coffee in your hand. Cause I know there is one in mine!  Welcome to The Givens Grove. We moved to a not so small town in East Tennessee in 2013. Our plan was to rent our little farm house on five acres for a couple of years and then move on to our next adventure.  But we love the countryside and neighbors so much we have decided to stay.  Hopefully good news to come soon in our efforts to purchase our forever home.

In the last 5 years we have realized how nutritionally poor our nations food supply has become and with growing babies we think they deserve the best.  So in following that course, it has become our desire to be more self sustainable through gardens, chickens, preserving, fermenting and freezing.  There are so many more lessons to learn towards that goal and I am excited to share with you as we journey this life.

We are lovers of DIY and somehow we manage to do most projects for almost free!!!  It is super handy to have a jack of all trades for a husband.  We are also lovers of food….lots…. and lots of food.  The good news is its real food, so somehow that cancels out the quantity right??  Right…Okay, glad we agree.  Above all these we are also lovers of Christ.  We daily try to teach this to our children so that they can go out and be lights in the world.  It’s amazing how children can break barriers that adults won’t even attempt to try.  Our oldest tells anyone who asks that she wants to be a missionary like her Auntie J. and Uncle E. when she grows up. She also tells them that for now she is still a missionary here, where we live. This mama’s heart fills with so much love and gratitude it almost bursts. We are so thankful for a God fearing family that pour into our children’s hearts a love and desire to be Christ like and share with others.  Because at the end of the day folks…..that’s where its at!

I hope you enjoy the things you find and maybe glean some ideas for your own homestead, mini farm or suburbia farm; that is where we started. We are so excited to jump into new endeavors in our life such as building an orchard, food forest, meat cows, sheep and so much more.


Happy Reading!


The Givens Grove



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