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I’ll Never Own Goats…

….That’s what I’ve said for the last seven years since I decided I loved all things homestead.

Well, all things “except” goats.

Four years ago when I took care of our neighbors’ large dairy goats for three weeks, it only served to further set my mind to never own goats.  I mean, were they terrible??  No.  I actually really enjoyed milking them, but that was as far as the fondness went.  They just were not the friendliest things in the world.  They didn’t much care for me, or each other for that matter.  And one of them loved to jump the electric fence like it was just a stepping stone.  So, yeah, I wasn’t a fan.  Thinking back on it now it probably wasn’t fair to judge all goats with this one encounter.  Our neighbors had bought these goats from a dairy farm with about 50+ goats in the rotation.  These were not “human loving pet” goats, they were “part of a system” goats.

Fast forward to this spring when mowing season began.

We have five acres here at The Givens Grove but probably only “keep up” maybe one acre around the house.  We have what we call the North Field which consists of maybe 2-3 acres of pasture and the rest is woods.  Since moving here, seven years ago, the north field has only ever been bush hogged once or twice a year by sweet neighbors.  But this year for some reason Chad started mowing it in the spring and somehow we’ve managed to “keep it up”.  It’s been fun having a new place to play, so to speak.  But two weeks ago, after finishing the field, I just couldn’t believe how much poison oak was just growing all through the field.  Almost like it was grass – after regular cutting for 2 months.  I just jokingly mentioned to Chad that we should get some goats because we literally have poison everywhere.  He actually thought it was a great idea and suggested we should “rent” some goats.

I almost dropped dead people.

Maybe he was suffering a stroke? Maybe the heat was getting to him??  Or maybe he’s so allergic to poison he’s willing to try anything?  Yeah, that’s probably the one.

I didn’t think renting goats was such a bad idea, so I went straight to a friend who has goats and started asking her questions about the Nigerian Dwarf Goat breed she has.  I wanted to know if they really do eat poison like people say.  Well low and behold she had two babies they needed to sell and sent me pictures.


So I went from wanting to rent goats that I didn’t like …to possibly buying said goats.  Hear me out though……..

………..goat kids are FRIG-GIN cute.

That’s all I got.

Not at all a good reason, but did I really need another?


Turns out Nigerian Dwarf goats are super friendly, and I believe the smallest milking breed you can buy.  AKA:  probably can’t jump a 4 ft electric fence.

Less than a week after deciding to rent goats we didn’t like, we brought home a 4 month old Nigerian buck and a 6 month old Nigerian/Pygmy doeling. We’ve named them Pockets and Rosemary.  I’m in love.  They are the sweetest and cutest things ever.  Well, next to my real babies.  And turns out two little baby goats can put a hurtin’ on some weeds and yes, even poison ivy!

Here’s to a crash course in goat husbandry…..I’ve got billions of hours reading all about farm animals under my belt, just not goats.  Because  the “I’ll never own goats” girl over here has skipped that chapter every time.  

Much love and goat kid cuddles, friends!



  1. Jim Carole Evans

    It was as “delightful” to read this as your goats are!!! Hope to meet them when we do coffee!!!

    1. admin (Post author)

      Thank you!! Hope to see you soon 😉


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