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It’s that time of year.  The time where you naturally assess your life and where you want to go.  The possibilities are endless, literally.  The span of your imagination is the only limitation you have.  Well, your imagination and your pocket book.   It’s not always the case, but I have found that goals and pocket books usually go hand in hand.  Thus, here I am cranking out our goals for the year and trying to make sure those goals and our pocket book line up.

Keeping farm goals realistic is tough.  So many infrastructure necessities cost money.

Perimeter fencing …cha-ching.


Livestock purchases…cha-ching.

I could go on.

And on.

So keeping our goals as close to “do-able” for the year as possible was super important to me.  Even tiny successes can snowball your morale into big successes.  So without further ado, our farm goals in no particular order.

  1.  Purchase the property we have rented for four years.
  2.  Survey the property.
    1. Walk the property to get a better idea of how the land flows.
    2. Divide the property into zones 1-5
  3. Fence perimeter.
  4. Finish garden boxes.
  5. Train puppies.
  6. Assess and potentially replace one or both of our vehicles.  Chad’s truck has well over 220k miles on it and my car , a Chevy Malibu, still has a lot of life in it but a sedan with 3 carseats has been a struggle.
  7. Fix/Finish out Chad’s workshop
  8. Plan out retaining wall/rose garden and anything else with spikes that will serve as a barrier/obstruction from view/security (read: trying to keep scary people off my front porch…because it’s happened after midnight… recently.) from the busy road we live on as well as beautification to the entrance of our property.
  9. Plan out orchard.
  10. Finish espalier orchard in our garden.

Phew.  That looks and sounds like a lot.  Because it is a lot.  Although most of them require our time and not so much our money.  Thank goodness, because the ones that do require our money….require quite a bit.

Personal goals are simply put, but much harder to obtain.  Praying over the new year that I can be a better wife, mother and light in the darkness.  Everyday I feel like I fail at all three of these.  But everyday I know He is walking with me.  Praising God for his provision that all of these things will be possible in the coming year.  I am amazed at the blessings He has given us when we are so undeserving.  I am praying we all have a blessed new year pursuing His goals for our lives!

20161222_175850This picture??  Because it was too cute not to share!

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