The Givens Grove

Meet the Clan!







We are Chad and Jessica Givens. Head of the Givens Clan.   Permaculture newbies, novice homesteaders who are jumping in, getting dirty and loving it! Did I mention we love food!??!!



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Our eldest daughter Alli.  Lover of all animals (excluding but not limited to worms and salamanders), gentle spirt, loves the Lord,  little mommy to our whole family.  She keeps my head on straight.


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Our youngest daughter Autumn. Lover of all animals especially worms and salamanders (she ain’t afraid!), passion for life, our entertainer, loves her bible stories.  This girl cracks us up!



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Our “Mans” as we call him, Logan.  Has kept us on our toes since the day he was born and I wouldn’t want it any other way!  Loves his Daddy something fierce, needs to be able to roam free…with a stick in hand at ALL times!  We love him so!


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