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Wham Bam Garlic

So remember that post where I was scared to plant garlic for fear of failure?

…….well the fear is still there, BUT so is the garlic!

I’m so excited I could pinch myself.  However, I still keep in the back of my mind that nothing is guaranteed.  Like a few years ago when Chad was growing a melon he was really looking forward to trying called “American Melon”.  They were supposed to taste like a pineapple.  We were really excited when we saw an abundance of them growing.  And then…….disaster struck a few weeks later.  When then melons were about half grown they were all of a sudden covered with mold and then rotted.  Oh the sadness.  It was most likely because we had a super wet year, but honestly that’s just a shot in the dark.

Luckily for me, garlic is like a beast.  Pests are really not a concern.  It loves the cold.  The only thing you really have to worry about with garlic is the potential for a fungus called “white rot” to take hold and destroy your garlic bed …….forever.

No. Really.  Literally forever.  Once white rot has hit your garlic bed you shouldn’t plant it there again.  I read one report that said it can lay dormant in the soil for 40 years.  How is that even fair???  So really I’m not even going to think about white rot lest I lose sleep over something that I can’t control.  So onward garlic goodness.  And since the 50 heads of garlic are rockin it, why not try and grow some more?

Like 200+ plants more.

I know.  I went a little overboard.

But I love to feed people,  so if this whole cockamamie idea works and you live close we can probably work out a trade.   Like you watch my children for 15 minutes per garlic head… what’s the math on that???

250 garlic x 15 mins = 3,750 mins ÷ 60 mins = 62.5 hr ÷24 hrs = 2.6 days.

On second thought,  I may need to go plant some more garlic…….

I digress….There is somewhat conflicting information out there as to when you should plant garlic, some say two weeks before the last frost and others say after the frost.  So we are testing both.    Depending on how the hammer falls we may have feast or famine.

Here’s praying for a feast!




  1. Ashlea

    🙋‍♀️ I will watch children for garlic! We can stretch it out to 1 head for 30 minutes since the 2 older children can help with the 2 younger and because I don’t use THAT much garlic. As you probably know, it’s so hard to find garlic that is grown cleanly and not in China.

  2. admin (Post author)

    I laughed out loud😂. Sold!!


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