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Seed Fever

Seed fever has arrived at The Givens Grove.  It’s a legit disease.   Only those who have planted will understand what I mean.   It starts the moment you grab your favorite seed catalog,  mine happens to be Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds,  and start circling till your heart’s content only to realize you’ve amassed a bill of *cough* $275 *cough*.

$275….. ….in seeds.

I tried to justify each seed selection.  And then I remembered I only had the equivalent of 400 sq ft to plant.   At which point I continued to justify the need and trick myself into thinking I can plant 100 varieties of vegetables and flowers in such a space.  See….. full blown seed fever.

Now there are plans for bigger gardens but right now any free time is spent on the remodel.  So what’s a girl to do??

Take a minimalist attitude and only get seeds we truly need.   And we really do NEED all of the 55 varieties still in my cart… really we do.

I see you staring at me like I’m ridiculous…

It’s not that I don’t agree with you.   I see the insanity.  But the problem is I seriously can’t delete anymore items out of my cart.

This is a classic case of seed fever folks.  It ain’t pretty.

I keep waiting for the right moment to tell Chad “this is the best I can do”.  I’ve been waiting for two weeks,  and it’s almost time to start seeds indoors, which is making me start to panic.  Oooh he knows there’s a ridiculous “pretend” cart out there in cyber space.  But I think he dreams of a sane wife who can kick a little seed fever.   It ranks right up there with little, fuzzy butt chicks in my book… and that doesn’t leave much hope for Chad.

Do any of you get seed fever?  Any tricks of the trade to help a girl out?  Maybe I’ll sell my bike rack to pay for seeds??  Yeah,  that’s what I’ll do….. sell summer equipment ….in the dead of winter.   Sounds like a GREAT plan.

Lord help me.


  1. Debbie Mock

    Hahahaha!! This is a real thing!! Can’t believe it’s just not me. I justify them by putting them in the refrigerator until I have room for them. Haha
    They really do keep in there. Hahahaha Give it a try 😊
    Can’t wait to see the pictures of little green sprouts ❣️

  2. admin (Post author)

    Ahh bless you Debbie!!! We can share seeds one day… until then, I’ll send chocolate your way🤣


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