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Well Hello There

I know. It’s been a while…. Like 15 months a while!

You’re probably thinking I fell off the face of the earth. In some ways it kinda feels just like that… but I’m back. Refreshed. Feeling awesome. Rocking being a mama of four. If only in my own little mind. Outsiders probably see a train wreck waiting to happen and can’t look away. But a girl can dream of being totally in control when there are more children than hands to grab them with.

But enough of that.

So much has happened in those 15 months. Sweet little Lillian Marie, or Lilly Mae as we like to call her, turns 9 months old today. We’ve begun the process of adding on to our house. Something that I feel will give me blog worthy awesomeness for many…. MANY… years to come.

Nothing like ten years of remodel in your foreseeable future to make you want to get excited and/or cry. It will probably depend on the day which response you get out of me. Good luck to anyone brave enough to play that emotional Russian roulette.

So get ready, these fingers are ready to crank out some words and I’ve been dying to get back behind the lens of my camera.

Much love friends!


  1. Debbie

    Glad you’re back! I’ve missed you😍

    1. thegivensgrove


  2. Sharon R Randolph

    I cannot believe I have not gotten to meet the newest member of my family yet! She is so beautiful! Cannot wait for your posts! I love all of you guys so very much!

  3. Sarah Lewis

    Wow! I do not think I knew you were even expecting! Congrats!

  4. Amy

    You’re totally rocking it girl!! 😘

  5. Tina Smith

    Glad to see you are doing well I know they miss you at Co-op


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